Now’s the time to think about getting that lovely new fence erected in your garden so that you can enjoy the benefits come next Spring.  Don’t let your rickety old fence get blown away by the Autumn gusts as this can be very dangerous and you don’t want any gaps for your pets or children to crawl through!

We supply lots of options for your choice of fence panels from the standard overlap or lap panels to the more robust closeboard panels or, if the budget allows, a fancy fence panel such as our Omega Lattice or Elite Slatted.  We also supply gates and gate furniture to finish your project off.  You will be the envy of your neighbours!

There are a number of options for your fence – you can choose the standard overlap panels with wooden gravel boards and wooden fence posts or you can go for a more robust closeboard fence panel with either wooden posts or stronger concrete posts?  Our fence posts are either wooden or concrete.  Its much easier to use our ready mixed concrete for the job.

The other option is to get your wooden featheredge fence made as a straight run for the borders of your garden.  Fencing contractors will make the frame first and then nail on each featheredge board.  This option enables you to have whatever length of fence you wish with varying heights from 0.9m to 2.4m.

Just a quick tip – as fencing contractors tend to put up fences in Spring and Summer it may be prudent to ask them if they can offer a discount in the slower months of Autumn and Winter – you never know getting your fence erected in the Autumn or Winter may be a cheaper solution for your wallet.  Who knows you may also be able to stretch to some decking too!!

Erecting a fence is not for the feint hearted – we have plenty of recommended fencing contractors we supply to if you’d rather someone else do this job for you.